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Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. ~ Kevin Kruse

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

..day 3 | your idea of the perfect first date..

This theme is tricky. Perfect first date eh. Apa ye. Saya ni banyak kali dah first date..huhu. Tapi tak jugak menjadi sampai la umur dah 3 series. Belum jodoh la tu.

Jap nak ingat balik first date yang pernah saya lalui....hmmm..satu pun tak bape best..leh? Hehe..

The perfect first date in my imagination......

He ask to meet after a number of sms and phone calls to know briefly about each other. I'm wearing something that reflects my character. He dress up casually not just 'asal boleh'. We meet at a classy cafe. Starbucks, Coffee Bean will do as well as I like coffees. He brings a lovely rose, red color as a first date gift. He pulls put chair for me. He asks me what to eat/drink and will order his order the same as mine. We chat about ourselves. Later, of course he will pay the bill.

After the we go out of the cafe, he will accompany me to my car. After an hour we went out, he will call asking whether I'm already home or not and asking for the next date.

How sweet..:)

1 comment:

Len Inouie said...

I like this post.
Well, i didn't date many. But all of them are quite good.. Cuma lokasi jer problem coz i was the one yg pilih. Hahaha..

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