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Monday, August 23, 2010

..kesihatan di bulan puasa..

Ada artikel nak share lagi..dari http://faridah-gotnotime.blogspot.com.

"Some people take the fasting month to reduce their body weight. Some use it to fatten up a bit, either purposely or not. By scientific logic and some studies done, the 30-day Ramadan fast should not change the human body weight.

Why is there no change in body weight during Ramadan? When humans fast for a month, the body's chemistry (metabolism) changes to something else. Our bodies go through a few changes but we don't feel each individual chemical change - all we feel is some discomfort once a while and then we forget. The human body is very intelligent during the one month fast.

This is what happens inside our body when we fast for one month. Usually when we are not fasting, the glucose inside our blood lasts roughly about 4 hours, then we start feeling hungry (rasa lapar & nak makan). When we fast, after 4 hours, when the blood glucose level goes down below a certain level (4.2 mmol/L), we feel hunger and the body still waits for food to go in the mouth. Since we fast, there's no food in the mouth. The body prepares for back-up glucose sources from inside the body itself - this is the glycogen that we store in our liver.

Our body will breakdown glycogen to supply glucose, thus we have enough glucose in blood but for a while and we start feeling hunger again when the glycogen (and thus glucose) is exhausted. Then the body starts to try to use our muscles as a source of glucose...magically our body can breakdown muscles to supply that needed glucose - so we feel good again. But after a few days of doing that (usually about 3 days), we feel quite weak in the muscles as our muscles are a bit reduced (reduced but not all of it), we can still move but slowly...and then our brain tells our body to stop using all our muscles (so we can still remain mobile) and looks for other sources of energy. This time, as a last resort, our body will start to use the largest source of stored energy inside us - this is the fat stored inside us.

We have lots of fat stored inside our bodies - about 30% of our body weight is fat!!! Some have more fat than others. When we fast past 3 days, our body starts to use the stored fat - the fat stores are reduced and we become lean (kurang lemak dalam badan). This will go on till the end of Ramadan. This is fortunate because this is a natural way to lose body fat. But this is only beneficial if we don't overeat (makan berlebihan). So.... isn't fasting something natural? Yes, it is a natural process and it does not hurt the body at all. All the fears about fasting is only in the mind! Now you know about what goes on inside the body when we fast, go and tell your friends! Happy fasting!"

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